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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Mora about?

Mora is a website on which stories of various kinds are published. There are short stories, completed novels and stories that are not completed but continue to be written.
At Mora you will also find accompanying information and entertainment in the respective "world" of the stories. These can be maps, descriptions of the characters and their connections to each other, but also quizzes and games, right through to downloadable applications, similar, but only similar, to a conventional e-book.

Which genres are served on Mora?“

Mora covers several genres. From family sagas with heart and pain to seemingly perfect murders and other crime stories, but also fantasy, irony and slapstick. What all the content has in common is that it is entertainment.

What does Mora mean?

Mora is Latin and means delay, deceleration, stay. - And that's what this website is all about. It is the small, unused moments, whether at the station, on the train, in the waiting room or even at home, for which Mora offers entertainment. Mora is reading and entertainment that you usually have with you. You don't pick up Mora like a book or put it down, but you interrupt your little sojourn with reality or longer, planned activities. This does not mean that avid readers will not get their money's worth.

“Who is behind Mora?“

Mora is a realization of Story Roads Publishing, a production project that consciously explores different ways to publish content, with no formal separation between the ways in which stories are told, whether for reading, listening, playing or film. Stor Roads is made up of people from different professional backgrounds who have one thing in common: they love stories. Marc Krautwedel organizes the operations and administration.

Is that literature?

Literary moments are not completely excluded. The fact that someone recognizes and experiences themselves better in the stories is not negated. Basically, however: No, it is not literature. Not every single word has been turned and changed several times in the greatest context-sensitive activity in order to have the only logically possible, the right position in the structure for the author.

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