Bummel: Love Attack
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29. January 2024

Bummel: Love Attack


Webgames of all kinds are developed for MORA. Existing game mechanisms are adapted to the stories, but games are also published here that do not correspond to the classic game patterns.

Big Games

C++ or C#, game engine enthusiasts are divided about the engine and what it stands for. Within the scope of our possibilities, we will realize games sooner or later.


More or less cultivated communication about content and, ideally, almost with the content, should also take place on MORA.

Bumble the Bee

Bumble the Bee is a “supporting” character from Dragomar. The idea is older and goes back to thoughts about a 3D educational game for children. Insect flight as a flight simulator and educational action adventure. Still to come. First, let’s get a little silly with the good-humored contemporary.

Who did that?

We will come up with something entertaining to go with our murder stories. Interactive, perhaps level-based. The main access is via the main page of the murder cases.


Emails, Facebook our GiFs should be entertaining. We certainly won’t get into targeted gif production but sometimes it takes effort to make a difference.