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Bin zum Einkaufen und am Meer

16. February 2024
7 min 6 sec read

Tapsi – Der eigene Name

24. January 2024
13 min 17 sec read


17. February 2024
9 min 8 sec read

Schönheit liegt im Auge

29. January 2024
3 min 57 sec read

Bummel: Love Attack

29. January 2024

The assumed reading speed is given as 225 words/minute. On the pages of the reading area with 150 words/minute.

Strandpromenade Kühlungssborn

Beach life

Growing and processing sea buckthorn, “the lemon of the north”, is a fulfilling job. Getting four daughters through puberty and young adulthood is incomparable. Sea buckthorn cannot be compared with lemons either. It has much more vitamin C. Details that mother, aunt and grandmother pay particular attention to.

The difference between demons and zombies?

They are a brotherhood whose secret is almost as old as life itself. It all seems so clear. Good and evil in the battle for …

Work/life/love balance on the Baltic Sea

Continuation story

Five siblings, four of them young women, their mother, grandmother’s aunt and the children’s father are the core of the Bender family, who live on a farm near the city of Coolborn. (Kuehlungsborn; ed.)

She, the dolphin - Murderous panic

Crime, 302 pages

Crime thriller from and in Bavaria. The good humor and the occasionally informal tone cannot distract from the fact that serial offenders seem to be at work here.


The Shore

Hotel of the surf

The newspaper about history. Here only in the digital edition. Online and as a smartphone and tablet app.


Good entertainment is relaxed.

There may be exceptions where people wallow in the psychoses of others. On MORA, we make things work that we hope will be well received and that the stories and/or their authors will be accepted. What doesn’t work will be discontinued. Mora is also a platform for testing authors and stories.

We reserve all possibilities of distribution channels and also call some of our stories “worlds” because they have parallel and complementary material for other markets. Technically, this also includes the expansion and addition of interactive components, including console games. On the marketing side, there is free content with advertising, digital content on a flat-rate usage basis and fixed, non-digital products for purchase, exclusively from us or also in retail.

In the case of books and text-heavy content, or educational text fragments (small children’s books), we pay attention to the regulations of the Book Price Fixing Act and the VAT rates that are not reduced for games, as well as the overall and individual consideration.

A publishing house

We love books

We love art, one loves fast cars, one loves computer games, fast, hard guitar riffs, the Goldberg Variations, architecture, young dogs and sometimes old ones too. We all love stories. It’s no coincidence that our publishing house is called “Story Roads”. This applies to the media and marketing channels of stories with the associated technology, structure and time, but also to the so-called life cycle of a story.

More elegance please

Advertising without

Our advertising volume is controlled and takes you into account as part of a possible target group. You would only accidentally see things or services here that you have entered in search engines or on whose page you have been. This does not even run internally on our server. So if you repeatedly read about how to make simple incendiary devices or bombs on the dolphin pages, you won’t be offered firecrackers when you read a good night story from us.

Keyword targeting does exist, but not for words you search for or randomly when “car”, for example, is mentioned several times in the text, even if it had just wrapped itself around a tree in the story. Keyword, hand-picked, if the ambience is right. We will refine the ad control over time and the click rates we determine in order to integrate ads as an interesting, non-distracting information program, especially for reading content.

Almost to touchAlmost to touch

Haptic in spirit. mora BOOK-ed.

We are dealing here with fiction, in individual cases with literature, in exceptional cases with high culture. The fact that the term “trivial literature” is not used is neither ignorance nor negligence nor fear or ignorance. In all cases, we are initially dealing with entertainment as opposed to non-fiction, regardless of its social and/or emotional impact and reach. Non-fiction is digitally ahead. It solves problems, is subject to current laws and technical progress. Skimming it until the solution to the problem is found is not considered insensitive, but economical.

And now we come along, not as the first players, and try to teach a phone that is attuned to emoticonic universal language to be the silent companion of a fantasy-filled moment.

Sure, there are problems, but NFT trading spews out incomparably more data.

Highlights and oddities:

Ads-free and exclusive. mora MAXIMA.

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