Ellis Mayer

Take Jesus! He's cheaper!

Short stories

The junk dealer, who not only describes himself as an antiques dealer but also calls himself one, said something true if you only looked at it from his “rhetoric” focused on his working environment.

It is somehow typical that imaginary worlds clash at the very times of holidays and meetings when common ground could actually be sought in order to satisfy the general need for harmony.

Perhaps the volume only appears as a print.

Tom Schmitters

With the wheel loader to the hotel


“Everyone has their vacation highlights. A love affair, a suitcase that you only see again at home, pickpocketing, a near-crash, cockroaches in the hotel, a marriage proposal, … these memories, even if they are less spectacular, are still your own and carry particular weight.

My vacation stories are perhaps or certainly unspectacular. They are peculiar and have their own charm.” (E. Mayer)

The volume may only be published in print.

Robert Bertz


Lack of oxygen, 5 weeks in a coma, medication without a planned end. As crazy as the story is, the memories are true. Dramaturgically somewhat complicated because it is a hero’s journey in which our hero actually makes a deal with Death, who is not the devil.