Crime stories


Who did that?

Individual cases

Who the corpse was or is, depending on the world view, is often, but not always, quickly clarified. The self-contained, short cases each have three acts, which are also separated in time by days so that they can be investigated together.

Jack James


Gloomy live diary of a lieutenant

He is not a moralist and has lost too much himself to find the strength to fight for the good and give hope to those who remain. Somehow they are duels. All day long. He has no intention of losing just because he plays by the rules. – Most of the time.

Ellis Mayer

She, the dolphin

Crime series

Finding a motive for serial offenders can be more difficult than expected. Something like this just before the Oktoberfest causes unrest. The dolphin’s first case to read. Volume: 320 pages. Other cases will follow.

A crime novel that develops into a thriller over the course of the book.

jack James


There are quite a few people who claim to be good. Some of them claim that they are the best or even the best or various. A few claim to be so that they can demand astronomical sums. John alone is the best active professional killer.

actually a thriller