The subdivision into subgenres has been dispensed with here. Just read it! Love and family are not a contradiction here and the requirement in the classification that at least two generations are involved, in which tensions also arise, does not seem so far removed from life. We name it explicitly if the conflict should dominate the work. We reject the term “chick lit” not only for feminist reasons.

Jenny Sommer

Beach life

Episodes and individual releases

Stories about the life of a large family at and on the Kühlung and at and on the Baltic Sea. The beautiful landscape is more than just a backdrop. It is home, breadwinner and host between the Baltic Sea and inland.

Ellis Mayer

The Shore - Hotel of the surf

Episodes and spin-offs

Die Küste hier in der Nähe von Plymouth in Neuendland ist traumhaft und an manchen Tagen peitscht der Wind die Wellen an das Kliff von “The Shore”, dem Prachthotel alten Glanzes im elisabethanischen Stil. Das Hotel gehört Mary Cavenaugh. Episodenreihe.