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Beach life

Beach life

Jenny Sommer

The life of a large family at and on the Kuhlung, the gentle mountain range not far from the water and at and on the Baltic Sea, whose charm is a “welcome” in blue that you can’t get enough of. The dreamlike landscape is more than just a backdrop. It is home, provider and host between the Baltic Sea and inland.

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Giovanna Conte

Stories with a friendly, optimistic view of the world. The main protagonists are mostly animals of a young age. Sometimes they don’t feel like doing anything, sometimes they want too much. But it always ends well. The stories are all adapted for children for better age classification.

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Jack James

There are many who claim to be good. Some of them claim to be the best or even the best or various. A few claim to be the best so that they can demand astronomical sums. Robert alone is the best, active professional killer. He intends to retire. There are reasons for this. Good reasons. Two.

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Frank Fray

A group of super-rich investors in the new markets are being ordered away from their own commitment to a better and more beautiful world and back to a reality in which the task does not have to be sought. The threat is not a question of world view, opinion or hope. It is as real as the way we deal with it can be planned.

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Her, the dolphin - murderous panic

Ellis Mayer

Finding a motive for serial offenders can be more difficult than expected. Something like this just before the Oktoberfest causes unease, especially when it involves incendiary devices, gas and smoke grenades and people dying without there seeming to be a pattern.

The dolphin’s first case. It is far from her first case as an investigator. When she was still on duty with the police, she dealt with different cases every day. That changed when love changed her life. Now, at an advanced age, single, with a Newfoundland at her side, she solves cases as a guest worker for the Bavarian State Police. Volume: 304 pages.

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The Shore - Hotel of the surf

Ellis Mayer

The coast near Plymouth in New England is gorgeous and on some days the wind whips the waves against the cliff of “The Shore”, the magnificent Elizabethan-style hotel of old. The hotel belongs to Mary Cavanaugh and her family.

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Dogs' Talks

Tom Schmitters

They often meet in the English Garden in Munich to talk. No topic is too explosive for them and no topic is too trivial. They are very different, but they respect each other and accept the roles of their human companions. They are not smarter than humans; at least not much smarter. Or are they?

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Knights of fears

Kurt Morgan

They took an oath and can live to be several hundred years old. Their task is to restore the balance where it was lost. – Here, outside the gates of Pandemonia, which were supposed to protect both worlds. The price is high. The price is life. They dedicate and give their lives and are given the chance to grow stronger and older than many before them.

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Jack James

Gloomy live diary of a lieutenant.
He is not a moralist and has lost too much himself to find the strength to fight for the good and give hope to those who remain. Somehow they are duels. He has no intention of losing just because he plays by the rules.

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Who did that?


Who the corpse was or is, depending on the world view, is often, but not always, quickly clarified. The self-contained, short cases each have three acts, which are also separated in time by days so that they can be investigated together.

Since the crime series relies on the readers’ participation and the solutions are always published in the respective following week, which means that the air would already be a bit out, we wait with “perishable goods” until we have more visitors at our “stand”.

Bacon development

Tom Schmitters

He is a project developer by heart. He squeezes every penny out of his tenants and gets every square inch out of his properties. His sons and his wife have fallen somewhat by the wayside.

“Oh, take it easy! There’s always something.”

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Marc Krautwedel

Dragomar is a place full of magic and secrets. The shadows of history weigh heavily on the place that will and must become the center of resistance.

In preparation. It is not yet clear how it will be published. A preview will appear here first. Possibly in future exclusively or in parallel on a flat-rate basis in the Mora Maxima area. Prerequisites: some technical details and visitor development.

Book recommendations

ANNA & Friends

Helpful recommendations from frequent readers with hints as to who would like what and why, because of similarities in style or setting with other authors.

We have internally set a minimum number of visitors per week that should be reached before we integrate additional editorial areas.

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The DEEP section includes reports, press releases, thoughts on products/applications and their test versions. DEEP also aims to develop and discuss real solutions in various areas, which may not just be entertainment.

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MORA will also feature small games. The aim is to create an interactive side program to our narrative worlds where it makes sense. However, we will also use conventional game typologies and publish them here, even if the reference is somewhat far-fetched and the game idea seems neither new nor obtrusively necessary. Ultimately, it’s about interactive experiences such as maps, additional information, networks of relationships ….

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If there are mini-games that work with sprite sequences, animated GIFs are often by-products that can perhaps even be used quite attractively in social media. There is neither a problem-solving nor a creative ulterior motive thirsting for freedom here.

Because of the loading time and because it gets really annoying after the second time, the pumpkin here is just a still image.

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