Dreams, reality/reality, delusions, fantasies, inventions – coupled with real and unreal causalities, reflecting one’s own state in comatose and waking delirium, in long stretches in the near-death range, the result is a thriller of a special kind, whose lengthiness is to be seen more, or even solely, in the heroic stamina of the protagonist than in the efforts of the author, who writes biographically, to form particularly long sentences. That wouldn’t work with the story either. Much, but by no means all, of the content is causally connected. Elements of existentialism and expressionism repeatedly allowed themselves massive interventions in the flow and dynamics of the story within the chronology.

As with any agent thriller exaggerated to the extreme, our protagonist will save the world after uncovering political and capitalist conspiracies, negotiating physically and in discourse with the other side and neutral observers to sacrifice himself to save the world. A story of straitjackets, underground armor transports, giant Timaran aircraft carriers that don’t carry planes but are floating cities. There are no long chases, but there are always short sections of forking paths and weighing up the dangers that arise from the decision to take that path.

The book is a depiction of madness and a fantasy-laden thriller that uses simple words to describe simple, abstract people, things, places and actions that torture the mind and the horizon of experience.

“Abgefahren” is the working title of the book, which will be published in 2024. The final title has not yet been decided, of course. It could also be: “Delirium – Agent still after awakening”. For the time being, the book cover idea only expresses the volume and the tendency towards the fragmentary, in a globalized view.

A publisher is being sought for the printed version of the book. As things stand, the digital exploitation rights remain with MORA. This also has to do with the fact that the material is so “wacky” that it doesn’t seem far-fetched to actually implement the worlds in a AAA 3D game. Unbeatable.